Ep. 18: What To Do If Someone Breaks Into Your Home

One of my worst fears, yall, is that someone is going to break into my home WHILE I AM HOME. So, I looked up some stats and that did not help me feel better.

Guess which city is Number 10 on the list of cities with the highest rates of Violent crime? Thats right- Little Rock.

We come in at number 3 on the list of cities with the most property crimes
(burglary, larceny, and motor vehicle theft)

Anddd number 4 on the list of top 10 cities with the highest number of burglaries. 



Let’s get some facts about burglaries straight, and then we’ll dive into how to burglar proof your home, and what you should do if someone breaks in while you’re at home. 

These stats come straight from A Secure Life. A company that helps people keep their lives secure. Not just their homes, but other stuff too. This isn’t sponsored, just giving credit where credit is due. Lol

65% of burglaries happen between 6am and 6pm. When it is less likely that someone will be home. Which is great with me. Thanks for doing that, burglars. 

34% of burglars enter through the front door. 

The master bedroom is the first room targeted. 

How to burglar-proof your home: 

  1. Lock your doors and windows

This is an obvious one, buuut it needed to be said. Especially because Most burglars enter through the front door. THE FRONT DOOR, YALL. They may knock first to see if anyone is home, and then test the door to see if it’s open. They’ll search for other open doors and windows on the first floor for easy access, so make sure everything is always locked up. According to secure life, they want to gain access to your home quickly— ideally in less than a minute, so make it as hard as possible for them to get in. Make sure your locks are strong and secure, and it is best to have a deadbolt, for sure.

Keeping shrubs and taller bushes in front of windows, and keeping your lawn clear of all clutter so there’s nowhere to hide are also good ideas 

A lot of people leave their backdoors unlocked, because its behind a fence which feels safer, but fences help burglars hide, so be sure to keep all doors locked up tight at all times. 

If you’re bad at remembering to lock your doors, set a reminder on your phone or install one of those systems that lets you lock/unlock from your app. 

  1. Keep Your Home Well Lit

It is not expensive to install a motion light outside your home. These are great deterrents, because you can’t really be sure if someone turned the light on in side, or not. And you’re no longer hidden now that it’s not dark anymore. Aside from motion lights, keeping your garden lighting and pathways lit looks great, and makes it hard for someone to sneak in your house without being seen by other people. 

  1. Security Systems and cameras are always a great option. 

One day, when this show has a sponsor, I’ll recommend one, but until then. Just do your research and find what works for you. Talk to Avery about her Ring doorbell thingy. 

Regarding cameras: I read in a reddit post that seeing a camera would make this thief in particular go to an entirely different street because he didn’t know how much the camera could capture. Worth it for sure. This same guy also said that he wouldn’t stare at a camera long enough to determine if it was fake or not, so even a fake camera could deter some burglars. 

  1. Dogs Can be Great Deterrents- sometimes. 

If a theif has cased a house, they claim that they wouldn’t let a dog stop them from breaking in and getting what they’re after. Most dogs can be lured away by treats. Or just let out the front door, I guess. 

But people looking to make a quick grab and get in and get out would opt out if they noticed a dog at home. 

Someone in a reddit thread said to protect your dog as a part of your family, and not to rely on it as protection. I think that’s great advice. 

My hope is that her aggressive barking and growling would make someone thinking about breaking in think twice and leave. 

If someone entered my home, I would not rely on her or expect her to fight anyone off. I’d literally turn into a crazy person if someone tried to harm either of my babies. 

  1. Don’t post about vacations online. 

Kind of not something we think about in the day and age of instagram, buuuttt you’re often robbed by someone you know. So, even if you keep your stuff on private, it might still hurt you to post about it. Which. Is difficult. I know. I always post about vacations, I’m the worst. But it’s best to keep it on the DL until you’re back home 

  1. Make it look like someone is always home. 

Put a lamp on a timer, so a lamp is always on in the evenings, or leave a radio on so it sounds like someone is inside watching TV. Have someone come get your mail so it doesn’t pile up, etc.  Don’t go overboard though. If you have lights and tv blaring at all hours of the night, burglars will know whats up. That’s not really that common, especially in middle or upper class neighborhoods. 

  1. An Inconsistent schedule could help you

If someone wants to break into your home, they might watch it frst to make sure you’re definitely not going to be there when they want to break in (CREEPY) If you’re able to, come and go at random and unpredictable times of the day. This isn’t possible for people who work strict 8-5 jobs, but if you have some freedom, stop by mid morning, leave late, come home early some days, or have a neighbor, friend or pet sitter go by sometimes to check on the dogs, etc. 

  1. Get Better Friends. 

A shocking 66% of burglaries are committed by someone who knows the victim.  So.. do with that what you will. But I’m keepin an eye on all of you. 

So, now that we have that out of the way, let’s talk about what to do if you are home when someone breaks in. 

My husband claims they’d get shot…. I’m not entirely convinced that’s true though. You’d have to move so quickly. 

First, make a plan, now so that you’re prepared if it does happen.

Find a place to hide- you don’t want to be found. If you can, quietly close and lock your bedroom door, move to your bathroom, closet or somewhere else you can separate yourself from the intruder. 

Or if you can, leave the house. If you don’t have kids or other people to worry about. 

Call 911. If you’re able to talk quietly, calmly give your address and say that you need police right away. They’ll send police. If you are able to continue talking after that give your name and what’s happening, otherwise just keep them on the line. 

I’ve read online that you can keep keys in your bedroom or nearby and set off your car alarm, which should scare off anyone who entered your home. 

My tentative plan is as follows:

If someone broke into my home, and it woke me up, it would likely be because my dog is barking. At that point, I’d call the police while I have my husband grab his gun and close the bedroom door. My dog puts herself close to me when she’s alarmed b ynew people, so I’m fairly confident she’d be with me and not in harm’s way. That would hopefully be enough to scare anyone off. My worst fear is that she barks at someone trying to break in the house and she gets hurt or killed 🙁 

If someone woke me up, and somehow hadn’t woken my dog up yet, I’d hopefully be able to quietly call 911, close my bedroom door, and then wake my husband. My plan would be to move the 4 of us (me, Phillip, 2 dogs and maybe the cat if he’s in the room) into the bathroom where I can lock the door until police arrive. 

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