5 Home Items that Every Single Girl Needs to Stay Safe

There’s nothing we love more than shopping for home goods. Especially if they can keep us safe! Check out this countdown of our top 5 safety picks on Amazon right now. These items can help you live your best life and not get murdered!

No. 5: Portable Door Lock

This is a portable door lock that you can install in seconds with zero tools. It works by integrating with the latch bolt of most door knobs. It can help you feel safer in an airBnB, hotel room, or your apartment! It’s a great tool if you’re very safety conscious and you just need that reassurance that you’ve done everything in your power to secure your sleeping quarters. It’s like the home version of one of those hotel room latch-locks!

I like the idea of using it in an AirBnB because you really don’t know who has a key to the place you have rented. Especially if you’re traveling internationally! It’s a pretty inexpensive safety tool so it would also be a great safety-themed stocking stuffer for your girlfriends!

No. 4: Quick-install Door Alarm

As a personal safety device, this one’s pretty simple and smart. Slide the metal arms between the door and the door frame, and if anyone tries to open the door it will sound a very loud, high-pitched alarm. That’s it! It’s loud enough to wake you up, alert your neighbors, and scare off a would-be burglar. 

I like the idea of this door alarm for those random doors in rentals, apartments, and dorms. My sister lived in a 2-story apartment that had 2 “front doors”; one on the main floor and one on the upstairs floor where there were just bedrooms. They both opened out into public hallways shared with other apartments, but she and her roommates never really used the upstairs door.

It’s a good idea for your “secondary door” that doesn’t get much use but is still exposed to public areas and could potentially be broken into or opened by a stranger. It’s also good for doors that don’t warrant actual cameras or full alarm systems. If you have a door in your house that you never use and it’s not worth actually installing a full alarm system, this is a great option! It could also work in a hotel room for added security. The door alarm is equipped with a flashlight too, just in case you need it 😉 

No. 3: Door Stops + Alarms

A door stop alarm is just what the doctor ordered! The doctor of safety, that is! Just put this door stop under the crack at the bottom of your door and it will do 2 things: If someone tries to open the door, it will jam the door to prevent it from sliding open easily. It will also make a very loud siren noise.

If I had known about these in grad school, I would have bought them for my tiny house that had a front door and a back door in the same room (yes, it was that small). This is best if you don’t have roommates, since you’ll have to make sure everyone is home before you set up this door stop alarm at night. 

No. 2: Magnetic Window Security

Magnetic alarms for your windows and doors

Arm your windows with a magnetic alarm that alerts you with a loud 120 decibel alert that is triggered if someone tries to open a window. I like this as a low-cost alternative to glass-break sensors and other expensive window alarms if you’re a single girl who just wants some peace of mind at home.

There’s no wiring, and the unit even includes double-sided tape so that you can stick it in place as soon as you get it! If you have a home security system but it doesn’t include window security, this is also a good choice because it’s inexpensive and comes in a two-pack. 

No. 1: Heavy Duty Flashlight

Heavy duty flashlight? Check. Impromptu Billy club to ward off attackers? Double check. If you live alone, one of the creepiest places to be when you feel vulnerable is alone… in your home… in bed. Keep this flashlight in your bedside table or under your side of the bed so that you feel safer. If your power goes out, you can use it to find whatever you need! It’s also made of metal and weighs about a pound.

You could knock someone over the head with it, or you could bust out a window with it to make a quick escape. It has a wrist strap so that you can slip it over your hand and make sure that if someone tries to grab it from you, they’ll have a bit of trouble. It also has a strobe setting that you could shine in someone’s face to stun them. I keep a similar flashlight next to the driver’s seat of my car and it makes me feel good to know that a little metal bat is right within my reach. 

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