Behind the Pod — Meet Avery

You get to hear us chat each week but now it’s time for a little Q&A sesh with our hosts! Today on the host hot seat is Avery Bingham! We sat down and asked her a few of our favorite juicy questions about all things H2NGM and of course, her sweet pup, Patty. 

Here we go! 

Host: Avery Bingham 

Hometown: Little Rock, Arkansas

What’s your role in the HTNGM podcast?

I research and record episodes, write blogs, and try to bring candy to recording sessions 🤪

Favorite way to binge on true crime?

I like to listen to true crime podcasts because I can do that while I’m working or while I’m in the car! Watching true crime TV gets a little too real for me, so I prefer just listening 😋 

When you’re not podcasting, where can we most likely find you? 

When I’m not researching or recording H2NGM, I’m either at Pilates getting sweaty, or I’m weaving on my loom! I create fiber art (aka woven wall hangings) in my free time and I have a weaving studio at my house. I recently taught a beginner weaving class, which was super fun! I try to share my weaving on Instagram as much as I can! 

Favorite safety tip or advice:

Use your voice to say no and to question someone who is acting strangely. Never be afraid to hurt someone’s feelings, because you can always explain yourself later if you were wrong… but you can’t go back after being the victim of a crime or a scam! So, protect yourself on the front end by not being a passive participant or onlooker. 

What inspires you most with the podcast?

I love researching survivor stories. It’s amazing how resilient the human spirit is. In our culture, there’s a big emphasis on bodies: changing our bodies, loving our bodies, empowering other people to accept their bodies, etc. But at the end of the day, a freak accident or a crime can cause irreparable physical damage to our outer appearance. Our spirits, though, can be renewed and rebuilt. Hearing from crime victims about how physical attacks didn’t break their spirit— THAT is what inspires me the most. That’s what I love about hearing survivors tell their stories. 

Where can we find you on social media? Favorite platform?

Instagram all the way! @averybingham

H2NGM pup names, breeds, and age:

Patricia (Patty) is our longhaired dachshund, she’s 3 years old! She loves being halfway in/halfway out her dog door. It’s her favorite spot in the house. 

What’s one safety tip you always follow in your everyday life?

When I get in my car, I immediately lock the doors and I never linger in my parking spot looking at my phone. I’ve been told in various personal-safety classes to follow that tip, so it has stuck with me! 

That’s a wrap on today’s Q&A with our host, Avery! Thanks for reading along! Stay tuned for another round coming your way next week! 

Questions for Avery or any of our H2NGM hosts? Drop them below! 

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