Best Safety Gear for Female Runners

Unfortunately, female runners are frequently targeted by predators. If you’re a female runner there’s no doubt you’ve been followed, cat-called, even attacked. It’s an unfortunate reality that it’s vital for female runners to carry safety products with them to deter creeps or even fight off attackers. Below is a list of popular products for runners that can make all the difference when it comes to interacting with a creep on the trail. Let’s dive in.

  1. A Rape Whistle Can Deter Attackers
    Any whistle will do, they’re cheap and most come on lanyards, so just put it around your neck and tuck it into your sports bra. If anyone even LOOKS at you weird, just blow the whistle. Criminals are not going to attack anyone who’s willing to make a lot of noise. We like this whistle for female safety that attaches to zipper pulls or drawstrings.
  2. Tiger Lady Running Grips
    These grips are easy and comfortable to hold, and easy to use. Since it’s natural to use your hands to protect yourself, you won’t need to teach yourself to use them–just make a fist and the claws come out. They are even designed to capture DNA from your attacker, LOVEE THAT FEATURE. Grab yours here.
  3. Location Sharing Apps
    Phone applications that allow you to share your location with people you trust are a great way to stay safe. If you’re not back at your specified time your friends and family members can find you where you are. There are also apps that allow you to send an SOS message with your location to local emergency services and/or your friend or spouse.
    Kite String will send you a text message at prespecified time intervals, and if you don’t respond, it will send a message to a preset list of people in your phone.
    Noonlight will alert emergency services if you manually activate an alarm. It can even sense car crashes, falls, and carbon monoxide. It connects to several other devices, such as Alexa, so you can be safe anywhere in your house! Pretty cool.

Regardless of if you carry any safety products, there are free and easy ways you can have a safe run, every time.
1. Letting someone know where you’re running and when you should be back
2. Running with one air pod in, and one out, and keeping your music low
3. Stay in touch if you are out longer than you expected.

What’s your favorite safety rule you follow when running? Do you carry any products with you to fight off offenders? Let us know!

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