Should You Teach Your Kids About Stranger Danger?

We’ve all been taught about stranger danger. As young kids, you were probably told not to talk to strangers, but that teachers, police officers and family members can and should be trusted. But is that always the case? Let’s talk about teaching our kids the truth about strangers, and how they can keep themselves as safe as possible.

According to, 93% of the sexual assaults reported to police were committed by someone the victim knew. So, teaching your child stranger danger may make them afraid of strangers, sure. But It’s not going to do a lot of good in teaching them how to avoid sticky situations or people.

The best advice is to teach your kids how to listen to their instincts. Even (especially) very young children are able to pick up on cues and body language that make them feel uncomfortable. We need to tell children to listen to this feeling and to tell a trusted adult if ANYONE makes them feel a little icky inside. Even if there is no obvious proof of this person being dangerous, you can take measures to make sure your child is never left alone with them, which will go a long way in helping them know they can trust you and themselves.

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