THV11 Interview

We are so excited to be featured on THV11! Watch our interview with THV11’s Laura Monteverdi below!

We loved getting to share our passion project with the world today! It’s so important to us that women can go out, live their absolute BEST life and not have to worry about their worst fears coming true. Make sure you tune in for the best safety tips and advice!

1 thought on “THV11 Interview”

  1. I just saw the article on you and I can’t wait to listen to all of them! It’s weird because I just attended a women’s self defense seminar and then this shows up. You asked for stories do you know Linda? She’s THE self defense girl in Arkansas. Like everything she does is about empowering women keeping them safe and helping give them courage after assault or abuse. She’s changed so many lives. Together you would make an amazing team! I don’t know her info but they have a couple of Instagram pages I follow. @graciegirlsconway and @conwaygjj.

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